Shopping – is it your heaven or hell?

The concept of Her Mission To Buy is inspired by two important women in my life. My sister and one of my closest friends – they come to buying clothes from opposite polarities.

JO and I

One Woman’s Hell…
So my sister has always hated shopping. She is beautiful outside and in but she feels her pear-shape body type is more than tricky to shop for and on some items (jeans it seems tops this list) it is nigh on impossible. In her dramatic way she’ll tell me “shopping depresses me”. She works hard so doesn’t have oodles of time to shop around for solutions and the types of shops where you would get that one-to-one special attention, well she fears those ’boutiques’ are not for her or her budget. An invite to a wedding recently had her moaning down the phone at me: “Help. I have nothing to wear and I just can’t face spending my lunch hours for the next weeks hunting for something.”

…Is Another’s Heaven

Lorna and me
At the other end of the scale is my friend, Lorna. If she’s down, frazzled or simply wants to treat herself she will hit the shops. A little purchase might happen but often it’s just to peruse the rails to make sure she’s not missing out on anything. She’s a shopping pro. Proof? She’s one of the women who managed to bag those Prada-esque Primark slides. And she’s the type to text you when she sees a win that might work for you or if she uncovers a new boutique that definitely will. Also, if I’m low on funds but need an injection of a little borrowed newness in my wardrobe options – she’s my first port of call. Her closet is full of wee gems that are borne out of her shopping expertise.

I am somewhere in the middle of these two shopping types. I love to shop sometimes and sometimes I don’t. I love shopping with my friend as she seems to bring out my shopping mojo. Shopping with my sister is not always so woop-dee-doop (it does though have its moments of hilarity) but I love being able to give her my honest opinion and see the joy if or when we finally track down that elusive whatever she has on her agenda that day.

In Her Mission To Buy I want to bring a bit of both my sister and my friend together and mix it up into some kind of online style hub alchemy that can make shopping less hellish for some by sharing a bit of the heaven of others.  And that wedding? The “I have nothing” dress dilemma that my sister was in. I know my sister and her hang-ups rather well so pulled a few pieces out of my own wardrobe to save her from her own personal hell and all she had to buy was a hat. She loved the whole effect and got a load of compliments when she trotted it all out at the big event.

And that’s it. That’s Her Mission To Buy. It’s what we all need sometimes – a sister or amazing friend who can help us out with a fashion steer that lifts us from dull and depressed to ‘dear god I could take on the world in this little silk jersey slinky’. Come on in and share.

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