How to pack, perfectly

Enjoy – Sarah Murray’s Short & Snappy Guide to Holiday Packing

Meet Sarah Murray. The super stylish owner of Edinburgh boutique Jane Davidson is certainly someone you can trust when it comes to fashion ‘how-to’s’. And her guide to packing is one I am sitting up and taking notes on. Confession – I am the world’s worst packer. I’ve gone down the going overboard route with a case heaving with crazy amount of ‘going out’ options, a plethora of shoes, bikinis and sundresses and I’ve done the too frugal edit and ended up hand washing everything, every night. No more. No more.

Sarah’s Top Tips

  1. Rolling everything means less creasing
  2. Three shoes only – a beach/pool sandal/slide/flip-flop, something more substantial for sight-seeing and a heel or wedge for dressed-up
  3. Stick to a simple colour palette where everything works together
  4. Use canny storage space like inside your shoes for toiletries
  5. Pop bikini cups inside each other and put the bottoms inside
  6. Recycle a kids drinking straws and thread delicate necklaces through to stop them knotting

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