REVIEW: Buying jeans made easy at ALC

ALC, Thistle Street where denim dreams come true and buying jeans isn’t that hard after all – HONESTLY.

I wrote this for a group of amazing women I know on the best Facebook Group on the planet ( Edinburgh Gossip Girls check out their website). 

I am not sure about the rest of you but buying jeans equals my own personal hell. In recent years I have been reverting to an annual ambush of Gap at the Gyle and grabbing for the same two styles in one or two washes every time. On my grab and go sessions, never ever, for the love of God, do I subject myself to the sheer disaster of the changing room mirrors – always buying and trying at home. I just don’t need to see my arse from different angles in bad lighting.
Since Christmas though my post-festive, ample upper thighs had worn through two pairs of my old faithfuls whittling my daily denim choice to an ancient pair of too-tight black Gap skinnies. They were so uncomfortable that by halfway through my work-at-home day I was changing into my leeeeeeshur pants so I could concentrate at my desk on anything but my imprisoned thighs.
I wanted to treat me and my thighs to new jeans. But I wanted to go beyond The Gap. But where else? I have always found my few forays into Harvey Nick’s denim department a little scary and overwhelming. A friend recommended instead that I try my luck at ALC on Thistle Street. So I did and what a treat it is.
Adele at ALC is no scary denim freak but she knows her stuff. There’s no pushiness just lovely service and lots of comforting real chat on what does and doesn’t work. Whiskering, pocket placement, washes – she knows it. The changing rooms were far more luxurious than poor old Gap and if you bring a friend it becomes a bit of a girly love-in where you can scoff each other’s body-dysmorphia issues into insignificance. Adele did push my boundaries a little to see if I could go beyond playing it safe and yes I do fancy going back for a pair of boyfriend jeans for summertime to try my hand at being a little more on trend. But I am so so so happy with my Instasculpt Florence DL skinnies. My arse hasn’t looked so pert in a long time and these jeans are as comfortable as a pair of trusty leeshur pants any day they just look about a million times sexier. LOVE LOVE LOVE this store and advise all on the horrific holy grail trail for a pair of perfect denims…go chat with Adele and let her work her magic.

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