Kylie Reid started up Edinburgh Gossip Girls as a Facebook group to bring women of the city together in a recommendation hub for where to shop, eat, enjoy life and find the best place to mend an iphone. It grew arms and legs and now bonds over 7,000 women together in so much more than that. Here she discloses her secreting shopping life:

Describe yourself as a shopper? I’m definitely not a born shopper. I do enjoy shopping and love clothes but since I’ve had my daughter it has all gone by the wayside and my wardrobe is a little depressing, I’m working on it though, the dream is to have a day with a personal shopper to help me put outfits together.

And how important is looking good to you? It’s important! But these days I can get ready to go out in 10 minutes and not feel uneasy if my shoes aren’t quite right for the outfit, or I’ve not managed to put eye-shadow on. Again, I feel more relaxed about a lot of things since becoming a Mum. If I’m heading out child-free then generally I’ll leave the house as quickly as I can before anyone changes their mind.

Would you spend more on fashion or beauty? Probably beauty, if a product says “anti-ageing” I’m all over it like a mouse on cheese. But I’m usually quite good at resisting, nowadays I want to hear recommendations first before I throw money at it.

Where do you tend do shop – is it high street, online or do you dabble in boutiques? High street and boutiques. I’ve never had much luck with online, having said that though I recently bought a gorgeous jacket from Protected Species after seeing it on Jenni Falconer – it’s the perfect fit and I love it.

Do you actually have much time for shopping or does it become a bit of a pressure? It’s pretty much always pressurised shopping. Generally a few hours before an event, I leave everything to the last minute.

And has that changed over the years? Nope, always been a last minute kind of girl 🙂

Do you shop when you’re happy or you’re sad or indeed both? Mmm that’s a difficult question – I’m not sure I’d shop when sad but really I shop on the whole out of sheer necessity. If I’m heading to the shops it’s because I need to get something, I wouldn’t generally just go for a browse.

Have you one thing in your wardrobe that was an emotional buy that you still love that reminds you of a certain time in your life? No, but I remember getting rid of a whole load of clothes bought for me by a horrible ex-boyfriend – that felt good!

You’ve come to Edinburgh and created this phenomenon that is Edinburgh Gossip Girls – and through that there is such community of women recommending amazing boutiques and businesses – do you try them out for yourself? It’s an amazing community, with so many wonderful ladies doing so well in business, it’s been great raising awareness of these small independents and driving business to them.

And any surprising moments? Yes, hearing from Sarah at Odyssey Boutique that my knockers were an E and not a C cup has been the biggest surprise. My partner was overly excited when I told him my news, he talked about it for days.

As the Chief EGG do you feel a pressure to look fabulous at the events/meet ups? I try not to get too fixated, I’m a busy Mum and have a fun, full on job, so many things usually take priority over my appearance for an event. Having said that, every time I see a photo of me post-event I’m annoyed with myself for not spending longer getting ready.

Describe your go to look for every day. Today I’m wearing a a gorgeous pink printed shirt from Mango and green khaki trousers from Massimo Dutti – I like my outfit today, it helps when the sun shines!

Describe your go to look for a BIG NIGHT OUT.  Oh it varies, last event was bright blue DVF trousers from Add Another Layer with a gorgeous silk shirt from M&S, before that a fab dress from Rosy Penguin – I’d like to find a nice jumpsuit actually, when I was 12 I had a petrol blue one that I wore all the time, I absolutely loved it and thought i was pretty cool. I’d like to be cool again 🙂 x

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