Mummy JoJo’s Joanne Fraser started a lifestyle and wellness blog that has hit a nerve with women across the UK because it’s so honest and real. Here she shares her take on blogging, keeping it real and how she gets some me-time when she shops.

Tell us a little about your blog – what it is and why you do it? I have always loved to write so it was a given I would embrace blogging with open arms.  I have a passion for encouraging honest, straight-talking.  It has been a steep learning curve and the mental health statistics are scary.  Mental wellness impacts us all and our minds are just as precious as our bodies.

Do you feel a pressure to look fabulous all the time on Mummy JoJo? My readers see me on Insta stories at my worst and at my best because I like to keep it real. I definitely feel more confident on the days I make time to glam up a bit.

You seem very real – is that important? So important, it  is at the heart and soul of what I do.

How do you feel about shopping for you? I enjoy it without the kids around, in fact I cherish it and a nice coffee break is always essential.  I am a spontaneous shopper and I love treating myself and others.

Have you any real mission buys that you hate shopping for? Not really, I am finding it easier to shop now that my body shape has changed from all the exercise I do.  Jeans shopping, for example, is much more pleasant now, although some changing rooms are SO unflattering!

And how important is looking good to you? I did a little market research on this a couple of months ago.  There is a percentage out there that only follow bloggers who look good and make an effort with their appearance.  We are all different.  I love to look good but at the same time it’s not my number one priority.  I am cool to be seen without make-up on and messy hair because some days I have other stuff to get on with.  People tell me I have nice skin so I guess that helps at 7am.  In an ideal world I would go for a blow-dry a few times a week.  I love getting my hair and make-up done.  It makes me feel like a goddess.

Which do you enjoy shopping for more – beauty or fashion? I love buying both but tend to save up and go with quality over quantity.  I would rather have one amazing pair of boots than five average pairs.

Where do you tend to shop? A mix of high street and online.  I need to check out more boutiques though, for one the changing rooms are likely to be more glam.  If they serve champagne that would be nice too, although a little dangerous for my bank balance.  

Is there a financial restriction on your shopping or do you throw caution to the wind? If it is love at first sight, I save for it.  My maiden name is Wintour (like Vogue UK editor Anna Wintour) so there must be fashion in my blood. I would love to have more beautiful fashion pieces in my wardrobe.  I would also love a personal shopper.  I love a bit inspo.  

As a busy mum do you actually have much time for shopping or does it become a bit of a pressure? It’s mostly a pressure, a quick couple of hours here and there. Having kids has changed it in a huge way. 

Do you shop when you’re happy or you’re sad? Or do you simply shop for necessity? Mainly for necessity but I also love to treat myself to a new outfit.  This is especially rewarding as I have been training hard this year.  I can see my body slowly getting stronger.  This gives me more confidence.

Is your wardrobe a happy place or something you stare at and wonder why you’ve got nothing to wear? I often look at it and think I don’t like anything in here!!  I am trying to go capsule and only buy beautiful, quality products and do less of it.  The problem is social media.  I don’t want to be seen in the same old stuff all the time but I can’t afford to keep buying all the things I would really like.

Have you one buy that was an emotional buy that you still love that reminds you of a certain time in your life? I got a pair of stunning Zadig & Voiltaire boots with my first big paycheque I had since starting Mummy Jojo.  I love them and they remind me that with hard work and passion, amazing things happen.  After-all, most cliches are true. I love my job and I love those boots.

Describe your go to look for every day. I don’t feel the cold easily so in summer I love a pair of denim or lace shorts with a nice simple top.  I recently got a denim skirt in dusky pink that I wear loads with metallic pink Converse.  My daughter has asked for a matching pair which I will give her on her birthday in a couple of weeks.  In the cooler months I love a pair of nice skinny jeans, eye-catching shoes/boots and a cosy wrap.  I am also a sucker for a simple T-shirt with an inspirational message.  

Describe your go to look for a BIG NIGHT OUT. I like to feel sexy on a night out.  I am a fan of short tunic-style dresses with wedges, as I can walk better in them.   Lots of smokey eye makeup, statement earrings and a volume blow dry.

Has Mummy JoJo inspired you with her growing body confidence? READ more of her story on Mummy Jojo

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