Meet The Stylist: Laura Russell

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 14.04.14Fashion stylist and personal shopper Laura Russell of has the following mantra:

“A personal stylist or personal shopper is not just for the rich and famous but for real men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, considering themselves fashionable or unfashionable. It’s for real people who want to make the best of their most valuable asset – themselves.”

Here she takes some time out of her new role as a new mum to share her insider tips on shopping and how tweaking your style can boost your confidence

What are the most frequently asked style dilemmas you are asked to fix? I find a lot of my clients may have had kids and want to start to feel more like themselves again. They may be time-poor and don’t have a second to invest in shopping. Loads are overwhelmed by the choices in shops. I have many clients approaching big birthdays, may have lost weight and their shape has changed. Clients feeling they wear what they have worn since they were a student and need a more professional look. Not one client is the same and this is what I love about my job.

What item of clothing can be the hardest mission for women to buy? The hardest mission for women to buy is probably the most sought after capsule wardrobe and how to curate it. 

How do you give women the confidence that they may have lost? Confidence is a gradual process, it takes time to regain it so making a few style changes to your wardrobe can have a significant effect on your inner confidence. I work with my clients from their current wardrobe then I take them shopping and the process has a great boost in confidence as we make the right decisions on their new style going forward.

And the type of women that come to you are who? I have clients ranging from 17 to 82. And they all have multitude of different reasons for using my services.

What are the most difficult events to shop for? The hardest thing to shop for especially in Edinburgh is formal office wear. There is a very small amount of choice – the best way is to mix up the high street with more formalwear to get your own individual look.

Is it all expensive boutiques you pull stuff from? No, I shop from the whole of Edinburgh’s shops so I am not limited to any store. It really depends on my clients needs, wants and budget. Mixing clothing from their current wardrobe with new pieces gives a great stylish look.

So your go-to stores are? John Lewis, H&M, Zara, Phase Eight, Oasis, 

What do you hate shopping for yourself? After just having a baby, nothing fits the way it did before when I try clothes on so currently everything!!!! I m trying to lose a bit before I buy at the minute.

As a new mum have you lost any confidence in your own shopping ability/style confidence? I haven’t lost my own shopping ability it’s just has branched out to Babywear 🙂 The issue I m having at the minute is I am still feeding and nowhere does stylish nursing tops so I only have a few tops on rotation that work well. 

Check out  for more about what Laura can do for you 🙂

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