I am Nicola Campbell and I fell into writing for fashion magazines almost two decades ago in my pursuit of being a more serious journalist. But I loved it so I stuck around and was lucky enough to travel the world while doing it. I may have done the New York, London, Milan, Paris thing but I always had the fear that I never looked the part. I sometimes did but often did not. And then motherhood happened. Body conscious and paranoid about what being a mother meant I literally lost my way and my go-to shops. I bought the mumsiest cardigan I could. A style low but god I loved that cardigan.
After baby number two I rediscovered there was more to shopping than splurges in Jo Jo Maman for the latest weaning whatsit. I remember the ‘moment’. I crossed the road from babyville into that boutique I’d come to think was me no longer. Please, I was a sensible cardigan wearing mother. But I was with a friend. One of those friends that you should always shop with (amazing style and confidence that rubs off on you) and she persuaded me in. I will thank her forever. I found a pair of snakeskin flats with flashes of green and yellow. The price tag wasn’t too awful if I did that cost per wear thing and wore them everyday until they were no more. And I did it. I wore them until their death (they are actually still in my closet because I can’t say goodbye yet). Those shoes proved to me there was still someone inside who wanted to look good. Who wanted to look like the best version of me. Yes I was a mum but I wasn’t defined by that. From the toes up, from that day on I rebuilt me, inside and out.

My 'Moment' Shoes
My Now Sorry Looking ‘Moment’ Shoes

Sometimes it is a bloody mission – shopping. There’s a wedding or a rare night out. There’s nothing that makes you feel amazing in your wardrobe. Yet you can’t find that sacred hour to hit the shops and even if you do you can’t find that magic little thing to set your world alight, again. You go online at night as it’s the only spare time you have and it’s a blizzard of ‘maybe’s’ and ‘hmmmms’ and that ‘could-be’ well it might look great on that skinny model but will the short sleeves pinch at your upper arms? Will it really fit and flow like it says in the blurb.
I don’t think I am the only woman in the world to have lost confidence in how she looks and what she wears. I want Her Mission To Buy to be a place where women can go to share their ‘ snakeskin shoe moments’ and but also voice their frustrations while on the hunt. It’s not serious stuff. It’s just clothes and make-up etc but it can change how we feel on the inside when we feel wonderful on the outside. And can I just say while those shoes were functioning they made me smile on the lowest of days. So yes it’s a shopping blog. It’s not life-changing but perhaps it can be life enhancing. So come along let’s see where this takes us.

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